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Just 48 Hours After Consuming Plant Root, Patient's Cancer Cells Were Being Destroyed!!!

Just 48 Hours After Consuming Plant Root, Patient’s Cancer Cells Were Being Destroyed

Years of research. Billions of Dollars spent. But has the cure for cancer quite possibly have been found? 

So, what is the all important ingredient for the cure? Well some are saying that Dandelions might be the key.

Dandelions are no strangers to being used in the health care area - ever since the ancient times have they been consumed, spread and wrangled with in the name of recovery.

Now it's the root that is of interest to scientists. Its being said that the strong roots can potentially build up your immune system and be able to fight off any prostate or lung cancer in the body - so much for chemotheraphy, huh. Myelomonocytic Leukemia. Dr. Carol Hamm states that Dandelion Root  is the only cure for such a cancer. 


But the proof is in the pudding. 

Cancer patient John Di Carlo was sent home to stay out his last days surrounded by family and friends - but was also told to try the Dandelion Root tea - you know, may as well at this point. Miraculously for John, the cancer goes into submission 4 months later and the only thing Doctors could put it down to was indeed the tea.
It is said that the root immediately goes to work on cancer cells, trying to break them down and replace them with new, proper cells. Not only that, it also works as an anti-cancer substance that helps the body not pickup prostate, lung, breast, liver cancer etc.
Now, I wouldn't say the tea is going to be the best thing you've ever drank - but it's better than any horrific chemotheraphy side effect. 
To those of you reading this that don't have cancer - don't shy away! Get drinking the stuff because it also helps fend off things such as diabetes and boosts your immune system greatly.
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Stop Migraine Headaches with Lemon & Himalayan Rock Salt!

Stop Migraine Headaches with Lemon and Himalayan Rock Salt!!!
Headaches are a bother to anyone, but migraine headaches can be debilitating. Migraines differ from regular headaches because they are typically more painful (often described as throbbing) and accompanied by other symptoms such as blurred vision, sensitivity to light, nausea or dizziness. 
While over-the-counter pain relievers can offer some relief, extended use can be dangerous, and they may not always work.
The next time you feel a headache coming on, reach for this all-natural concoction instead:
Add the juice from a whole lemon into a glass of room-temperature water and add 2 teaspoons of Himalayan crystal salt. Drink the entire glass. Your headache should dissipate within a few minutes. 
While this may not be the tastiest option, it works for a few reasons.  Between 75 percent and 90 percent of headaches are a result of dehydration. The water helps rehydrate your body. If you suffer from frequent migraine headaches, the cause could be a salt, mineral or electrolyte deficiency. Himalayan salt contains over 84 minerals and electrolytes.
Lemons offer major health benefits, as a whole. They work in this case because lemons offer detox properties. Lemon also encourages proper functioning of the liver, which gets rid of nasty toxins in your body and helps clear up headaches and other body troubles.
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Just In Time for Cold/Flu Season....FIRE CIDER!!!

Just in time for Cold and Flu Season.....a nice batch of Fire Cider! 

If your family has a habit of catching everything that comes along, you need this natural "Fire Cider" remedy to take care of nasty Cold and Flu symptoms. If you need more convincing, this elixir is known to contain powerful immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, decongestant, and spicy circulatory movers.  What more do you need? See Recipe Below!

But they’re mostly of the modern day sort.  Occasionally, though, I come across a recipe or ingredient that seems like it was pulled directly from one of Grimm’s stories. How else could one feel about keeping dragon’s blood  in the cupboard, and enchanted fire cider in the fridge?

Though not imparted with any actual mystical powers, fire cider truly is magical in its own right. This tonic is revered by herbalists for its ability to help prevent cold and flu symptoms and/or shorten their duration if they occur, and for good reason. It’s an apple cider vinegar infusion that contains “powerful immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, decongestant, and spicy circulatory movers” that make it “especially pleasant and easy to incorporate into your daily diet to help boost the immune system, stimulate digestion, and get you nice and warmed up on cold days.”

Because it takes about a month to mature, I recommend starting a batch now so you’ll be ready for fall. I actually have two going – one for the family and one for myself, because I ♥ all things horse-radishy, and I’m not always great at sharing.

How To Take Fire Cider

Many people take 1-2 tablespoons throughout the fall/winter months as a preventative measure, or every three to four hours if symptoms are present.

Here are some more ways to use it:

  • As a “wellness shot” – I actually love the taste, so I put about 1 oz. in a shot glass to drink straight up
  • As a tea – Breathe in the steam as you sip to relieve congestion
  • In juice – For little ones, it’s best to serve a small amount mixed in freshly-pressed orange juice or lemonade
  • As a marinade or salad dressing
  • Fire Cider Recipe


  • ½ cup peeled and shredded/diced ginger root
  • ½ cup peeled and shredded/diced horseradish root
  • ½ cup peeled and diced turmeric OR 1/4 cup additional ginger and 1/4 cup additional horseradish
  • ½ cup white onion, chopped
  • ¼ cup minced or crushed garlic cloves
  • 2 organic jalapeno peppers, chopped
  • Zest and juice from 2 organic lemons
  • Raw apple cider vinegar
  • Raw, organic honey to taste
  • Optional Additions

  • Several sprigs of fresh rosemary or thyme (optional)
  • ½ teaspoon black peppercorns
  • Equipment

  • Quart-sized jar
  • Wax paper
  • Instructions

    Add the ginger, horseradish, onion, garlic, jalapeno and lemon juice/zest to a quart-sized jar. Pack them down lightly so that the jar is about 3/4 full. Use a fermenting weight to hold down the veggies/roots, or place heavy roots at the top so that they will weigh down the herbs and jalapenos (which float). Pour a generous amount apple cider vinegar over the roots/vegetables. You want everything to stay under the liquid to prevent spoilage. Keep in mind that some of the roots will expand a little so top it off well.

    If you’re using a metal lid, line it with wax paper so that the vinegar doesn’t corrode it, then put the lid on. Place in a dark, room temperature cabinet for 2-4 weeks. (A month is best)

    When the cider is ready, shake well and then strain the roots/veggies using a cheesecloth or fine mesh sieve. Add honey to taste and store in the fridge.

Stay Happy and Healthy this Holiday Season and in 2017 with "Fire Cider"!!!



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Peppermint Essential Oil


The peppermint plant is a hybrid of watermint and spearmint and was first described by Carl Linneaus in 1753. A high menthol content—like that found in the doTERRA Peppermint essential oil—distinguishes the best quality Peppermint from other products. Frequently used in toothpaste and chewing gum for oral hygiene, Peppermint also helps alleviate occasional stomach upset and promotes healthy respiratory function.* Peppermint continues to be one of the best-selling favorites among doTERRA essential oils.


  • Use a drop of Peppermint with Lemon in water for a healthy, refreshing mouth rinse.
  • Take one to two drops in a Veggie Capsule to alleviate occasional stomach upset.*
  • Add two to three drops to your favorite smoothie recipe for a refreshing twist.
  • Place one drop in palm of hand with one drop Wild Orange and one drop Frankincense and inhale for a mid-day pick-me-up.

Directions for Use

Diffusion: Use three to four drops in the diffuser of yourchoice.
Internal use: Dilute one drop in 4 fl. oz. of liquid.
Topical use: Apply one to two drops to desired area

Primary Benefits

  • Promotes healthy respiratory function and clear breathing*
  • Promotes digestive health*
  • Repels bugs naturally

Aromatic Description

Minty, fresh, herbaceous


The high menthol content of the doTERRA Peppermint essential oil sets it apart from others when it comes to quality—making it one of the best-selling favorites among doTERRA essential oils.

Part Number: 30190001
Size: 15 mL
Retail: $27.33

To Buy or Sell Essential Oils, visit:

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DoTerra "Breathe" Blend Essential Oil

Primary Benefits

  • Apply topically to the chest and breathe deeply to enjoy a cooling, invigorating vapor.
  • Promotes a restful night’s sleep
  • Helps minimize the effects of seasonal threats


Laurel Leaf, Eucalyptus Leaf, Peppermint Plant, Melaleuca Leaf, Lemon Peel, Ravensara Leaf, Cardamom Seed essential oils

Aromatic Description

Minty, hot, fresh, airy


DoTERRA Breathe is a remarkable blend of essential oils including Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Lemon, Ravensara, and Cardamom. doTERRA Breathe maintains feelings of clear airways and easy breathing while minimizing the effects of seasonal threats. doTERRA Breathe can be applied topically to the chest, back, or bottom of feet, or diffused at nighttime to calm the senses and promote a restful sleep.


  • Diffuse, inhale directly from palms, or rub on chest or feet when seasonal and environmental threats are high.
  • Use when outdoors to minimize the effects of seasonal threats.
  • Diffuse at bedtime for a restful night’s sleep.
  • Diffuse or inhale directly from palms, or rub on chest when environmental threats are high.

Directions for Use

Diffusion: Use three to four drops in the diffuser of your choice.
Topical use: Apply one to two drops to desired area.

dōTERRA Breathe® Respiratory Blend

As a popular essential oil blend, doTERRA Breathe can be used for a clearing, refreshing aroma.

Part Number: 49370001
Size: 15 mL
Retail: $26.66

To Purchase: visit: 


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Essential Oils 101

What Are Essential Oils?

If you have ever enjoyed the scent of a rose, you’ve experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. These naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. Essential oils provide plants with protection against environmental threats and play a role in plant pollination. In addition to their intrinsic benefits to plants and being beautifully fragrant to people, essential oils have long been used for food preparation, beauty treatment, and health-care practices.

How Do I Use Essential Oils?

Essential oils are used for a very wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. They can be used a single oil at a time or in complex blends in one of three methods:


Certain essential oils, when diffused, can be very stimulating, while others can be calming and soothing. Diffusing essential oils can also cleanse and purify the air of unwanted odors.


Essential oils are easily absorbed by the skin and can be safely applied topically.


Certain essential oils have a rich culinary history and can be used as dietary supplements for targeted wellness.

Essential oils are both exciting and promising when it comes to taking care of your own and your family’s health. Whether you’re applying essential oils topically, enjoying the aromatic benefits through diffusing, or taking essential oils internally, the positive effects of essential oils are boundless.

That’s why you’ll want to ensure that the essential oils you are using are capable of delivering on their promise. You’ll want to make sure that you are choosing essential oils for their potency and their purity.

For more information on Buying or Selling Essential Oils, visit:

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